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NBA Draft 2013: Cleveland Cavaliers "likely" to take Alex Len first overall

We're 10 days away from the NBA Draft and still don't know who will be the first overall pick. But there are reports that indicate the Cavs might be close to making their decision.

Streeter Lecka

The Cleveland Cavaliers are on the clock in the 2013 NBA Draft. Actually, they've been on the clock for several weeks now and we still have no idea who they are going to choose. The first indication was that Nerlens Noel was the obvious pick. But now, it's gotten a lot more hazy as Chris Grant and the rest of the front office works through the rest of the prospects. I still believe that we won't know who the Cavs are taking until they've had a chance to meet with all of the prospects and do their due diligence -- but some reporters feel otherwise.

Jimmy Smith of the New Orleans Times-Pacayune is reporting that the Cavaliers are likely to select Alex Len with the first pick in the 2013 NBA Draft.

I'm not sure how he would know this, seeing as the Cavs have been quite silent about their selection in recent years. But Smith was confident enough to report it, so I guess we have to believe him to a certain degree. This could be a smokescreen, although I'm not sure what good a smokescreen does when you're picking 1st overall. Anyway, that's that. How would you feel if the Cavs are leaning towards taking Alex Len?