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Machine Gun Kelly provides the music for Quicken Loans Arena

Here's a quick look at Machine Gun Kelly and how he has become a part of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Mike Lawrie

This is a sponsored post.

Slacker Radio is running a campaign and wants us to talk a little bit about the music featured in our NBA Arena. When I first heard about this, one thing immediately came to mind -- Machine Gun Kelly.

I know that lots of people have varying opinions about MGK, but it seems as though the Cleveland Cavaliers have fully embraced him as the voice of Quicken Loans Arena. As you probably know, MGK is from Cleveland and makes that apparent in virtually every song he writes. That kind of civic pride is something that the Cavs appreciate. Dan Gilbert and the Cavs even invited MGK to the NBA Draft Lottery. He looked a little bit out of place but if the brief moments when I got to talk with him, he seemed sincerely happy to be there with the rest of the entourage. At the beginning of last season, the Cavs used MGK and his music in their pre-game intro video.

The intro with MGK's "Invincible" was awesome every time on TV, but if you didn't get to witness it in person, I feel bad for you. The whole arena basically shook when the intro starting and then huge flames burst out of the scoreboard and burned your face off. It was epic.

The Cavs seemingly always have awesome intro videos and I'm excited to see what they have in store for us next season. Whatever it is, don't be surprised if Machine Gun Kelly is front and center once again.