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Cavaliers' Summer League Schedule Announced

Amidst NBA Draft and Finals discussion, the NBA released its Las Vegas Summer League schedule.


The Las Vegas Summer League is a beautiful haven where hyped rookies and forgotten veterans ply their trade as they either confirm our suspicions or surprise us with unknown skill. They can fascinate us mercilessly with their huge games against no defense, or frustrate endlessly with their untapped potential.

Well ladies and gentlemen, it's back! The NBA announced the schedule for its annual 10 day summer extravaganza, where 22 teams will actually compete within a new playoff format. The first five days of the event are scheduled here. I've bolded the Cavs' games for your convenience.

Friday July 12
COX Pavilion
1 PM -- New York vs. New Orleans (Game 1)
3 PM -- Atlanta vs. LA Clippers (Game 2)
5 PM -- Cleveland vs. LA Lakers (Game 3)
7 PM -- Charlotte vs. San Antonio (Game 4)
Saturday July 13
COX Pavilion
1 PM -- Golden State vs. Washington (Game 5)
3 PM -- Sacramento vs. Dallas (Game 6)
5 PM -- Chicago vs. Memphis (Game 8)
7 PM -- Denver vs. Milwaukee (Game 10)
Thomas & Mack
3:30 PM -- Minnesota vs. NBA D-League (Game 7)
5:30 PM -- Phoenix vs. Portland (Game 9)
7:30 PM -- Miami vs. Toronto (Game 11)
Sunday July 14
COX Pavilion
1 PM -- New York vs. Washington (Game 12)
3 PM -- Charlotte vs. Dallas (Game 14)
5 PM -- Cleveland vs. Memphis (Game 16)
7 PM -- Atlanta vs. Miami (Game 18)
Thomas & Mack
1:30 PM -- LA Clippers vs. NBA D-League (Game 13)
3:30 PM -- LA Lakers vs. Portland (Game 15)
5:30 PM -- New Orleans vs. Milwaukee (Game 17)
7:30 PM -- San Antonio vs. Toronto (Game 19)
Monday July 15
COX Pavilion
1 PM -- New York vs. Charlotte (Game 20)
3 PM -- Cleveland vs. New Orleans (Game 21)
5 PM -- LA Clippers vs. LA Lakers (Game 23)
7 PM -- San Antonio vs. Atlanta (Game 25)
Thomas & Mack
3:30 PM -- Minnesota vs. Phoenix (Game 22)
5:30 PM -- Sacramento vs. Golden State (Game 24)
7:30 PM -- Chicago vs. Denver (Game 26)
Tuesday July 16
COX Pavilion
1 PM -- Minnesota vs. Miami (Game 27)
3 PM -- Sacramento vs. Toronto (Game 28)
5 PM -- Chicago vs. Portland (Game 30)
7 PM -- Denver vs. Washington (Game 32)
Thomas & Mack
3:30 PM -- Golden State vs. Milwaukee (Game 29)
5:30 PM -- Phoenix vs. Memphis (Game 31)
7:30 PM -- Dallas vs. NBA D-League (Game 33)

The game against the Lakers is probably going to be atrocious because they don't have any fun young players to watch. But the two games against Memphis and New Orleans should provide fun atmospheres with great young players abounding.

Then on Wednesday the playoffs begin. Each team is guaranteed five games, even if they lose in the first round. I'll at least be out there for the playoff portion of the event, and Conrad may be out there earlier in the event so we should have excellent coverage.

Among the Cavaliers in attendance should be whomever the number one selection is, another rookie whenever the Cavaliers decide to pick after their various wheelings and dealings are done, Dion Waiters, Tyler Zeller, Kevin Jones, Michael Eric and a various selection of other rookies and veterans that the Cavs think may be able to make their roster. It's always fun to see who steps up and impresses, so we'll see what happens from July 12-22.

All of the games will be televised on NBATV