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Fear the Sword Community Mock Draft: Updated draft order, preview

The time put your pretend GM skills to use has nearly arrived. Check below to see the draft order and the final details.


The basic details remain the same. We will start promptly on Monday night at 7:30 pm Eastern time. If you are responsible for a team's picks, please be ready for the start. When it is your turn to make a selection, put it in the subject line, so that it is bolded. Otherwise it will be like a normal game thread, where we can make fun of each other and the picks that are made. Conrad will get us started by making the Cavaliers first overall selection.

If you have a draft pick or picks and will not be here, please email me three people that you think could be available around there and a reason why you like that pick. This will allow me to enter that pick for you when your pick comes up, and will help us have things move slowly. If you haven't made the pick within 5 minutes of the previous selection, I will make the pick for you. I am doing no team specific research for this, so you don't want this to happen.

Originally I was only going to allow trades that moved picks and picks only, but you all didn't listen to that instruction and here we are. With that knowledge related, here are the trades that have been made. Clevy, as the GM of the Phoenix Suns, traded Jared Dudley to the Bulls for the 20th overall pick. Presumably Nic Cage, working on behalf of the Bulls, will now try and move Luol Deng.

Believeland fan, working for the Cleveland Cavaliers, traded his 31st and 33rd pick to the Knicks and St. Weirdo for the 24th overall selection.

The New Orleans Pelicans and Brian Pilatzke and the Detroit Pistons and Kyrie from Downtown worked out a blockbuster. The Pelicans are sending Eric Gordon to Detroit for the 8th pick, Brandon Knight, Rodney Stuckey, and the 37th and 56th picks in the draft. So here is what we have for a first round order:

2. Orlando Magic-Mike Schreiner
3. Washington Wizards-Jrowan
4. Charlotte Bobcats-WitMi
5. Phoenix Suns-clevyxc
6. New Orleans Pelicans-Brian.pilatzke
7. Sacramento Kings-Kindell
8. New Orleans Pelicans - Kyrie from Downtown
9. Minnesota Timberwolves-Kendaru
10. Portland Trail Blazers-cleveland rocks.
11. Philadelphia 76ers-Harold Ramis
12. Oklahoma City Thunder-Mourt
13. Dallas Mavericks-Josiah
14. Utah Jazz-Erauli
15. Milwaukee Bucks-RoyIsTheBoy
16. Boston Celtics-nferreira87
17. Atlanta Hawks-Smarter.than.You
18. Atlanta Hawks-Smarter.than.You
19. Cleveland Cavaliers-BelievelandFan
20. Phoenix Suns-clevyxc
21. Utah Jazz-Erauli
22. Brooklyn Nets-CardSpartan
23. Indiana Pacers-Cleveland_Kid_
24. Cleveland Cavaliers -BelievelandFan
25. Los Angeles Clippers-rtellegent
26. Minnesota Timberwolves-Kendaru
27. Denver Nuggets-jjvot
28. San Antonio Spurs-New Zealand Basketball
29. Oklahoma City Thunder-Mourt
30. Phoenix Suns-clevy

31.New York Knicks - St.Weirdo3
32. Oklahoma City - Mourt
33. New York Knicks -St. Weirdo3
34. Houston -David (me)
35. Philadelphia -HaroldRamis
36. Sacramento -Kindell
37. New Orleans - Brian.Pilatzke
38. Washington - JRowan
39. Portland Trail Blazers -Cleveland rocks.
40. Portland Trail Blazers-cleveland rocks.
41. Memphis - XFL
42. Philadephia-HaroldRamis
43. Milwaukee - RoyIsTheBoy
44. Dallas -Josiah419
45. Portland -ClevelandRocks
46. Utah Jazz-Eraulli

47. Atlanta Hawks-Smarter.than.You

48. Lakers -Kyrie_Swirving
49. Chicago -NicCage
50. Atlanta-Smarter.than.You
51. Orlando-MikeSchreiner
52. Minnesota -CardSpartan
53. Indiana Pacers-Cleveland_Kid_
54. Washington -Jrowan
55. Memphis -XFL
56. New Orleans Pelicans-Brian.Pilatzke
57. Phoenix-Clevyxc
58. San Antonio Spurs-New Zealand Basketball
59. Minnesota-Kendaru
60. Memphis- XFL

This could be a little off, so please let me know if it is. I gave myself Houston's pick because I wasn't sure if someone picked that up. If someone else wants it they are welcome to it. Kendaru, you are still in charge of Minnesota!

See you guys all Monday night!