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NBA Draft Rumors 2013: Cavs Trying to Trade Down For Len?

With rumors flying this morning, Alex Len said in an interview that he believes the Cavs are trying to trade down from him in tomorrow's draft.


This morning is going to be extremely rumor-heavy, so you're going to have to bear with us on that one. However, this one comes straight from the horse's mouth so we should probably pay a little bit more attention to it.

According to Andy Katz, Alex Len said in an interview this morning that he believes that the Cavaliers are attempting to trade down for him in order to acquire his services, but that the Thunder are trying to trade up to get him.


Seriously, Len's potential draft stock is all over the board right now. I actually suggested that exact scenario in the mock draft that Conrad and I did about a month ago. If Len slips into that 6-8 range, I think it would be an excellent idea for the Thunder to move up and grab him.

As far as the Cavaliers are concerned, I like the idea of trading back and procuring more assets in order to select Len than I do just taking him at #1. That seems a lot like last year to me for some reason, where it seemed like they either wanted to move up to #2 to get one of Bradley Beal or Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, but it also seemed like they wouldn't have minded trading back in order to get their man in Dion Waiters.

There is going to be a lot of drama if the Cavaliers don't find a way to unload this top pick before the draft tomorrow. Even Jonathan Givony of Draft Express isn't sure which direction that the Cavaliers are going to go if they keep the pick. Anyone who thinks they know for sure right now is either kidding themselves or lying.

So stay tuned here for more news throughout the day.