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NBA Draft Rumors: Nets and Cavaliers discussing trade of CJ Miles for 22nd pick

The Cleveland Cavaliers have all of your NBA Draft rumors. This time, however, it's another team making an offer to the Cavs.


Do you need some more NBA Draft rumors? No? Are you sure? Well here's some more anyway.

While the Cleveland Cavaliers are certainly shopping the #1 overall pick, they still have lots of other assets that they could move. According to Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News, the Brooklyn Nets have talked to the Cavs about trading the #22 pick in the draft for C.J. Miles.

The Nets have been rumored to be dealing MarShon Brooks, so C.J. Miles makes sense as a replacement for Brooks. Furthermore, personal relationships might be the motivation behind the Nets trying to make this deal.

On the other hand, I'm not sure why the Cavaliers would do this trade. I can't see them wanting to add even more young players to their team, but who knows with Chris Grant. At this point, Cleveland could do anything tomorrow and I would not be surprised. It is possible that the Cavs could use the #22 pick as further ammunition in their ongoing quest to make a MEGADEAL before draft night.

When contacted about trade rumors, CJ Miles had very little to add. He's basically just as confused as us.