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NBA Draft Rumors: Shawn Marion not likely to be traded

A persistent rumor this week had Shawn Marion in the Wine and Gold by the end of the night tomorrow. Cleveland probably is going to have to make other plans.


Shawn Marion is likely staying put in Dallas tomorrow night.

Tim MacMahon of ESPNDallas is reporting that there has been no discussion of Marion approving his deal before tomorrow night, and that a deal has no chance of happening. The deadline for Marion to approve his deal is June 30.


And you know, I really believed that Sam Amico guy when he said that the Cavs believed they could get Marion and the 13th overall selection for the 31st and 33rd. He strikes again! (He's actually been awesome on Twitter lately, so all is forgiven.)

Really though, this was discussed on our podcast last night, with me stupidly being unsure that Marion actually had to approve his deal before being dealt. Having said that, I'm surprised that the Mavericks haven't even discussed this with Marion if their goal is to get as much cap space as possible. I'd say that this makes a Thomas Robinson deal slightly more likely, as the 19th overall had been bandied about in these rumored discussions throughout the week.

Luckily, we'll find out how much of all of this is posturing and smokescreening and how much is for real in less than 24 hours.