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NBA Draft 2013: Predictions for the Cleveland Cavaliers

The NBA Draft is just an hour or so away. Here's your last chance to get all your Cleveland Cavaliers predictions in before the picks start flying in.


The NBA Draft is nearly upon us and there's still a great deal of uncertainty surrounding virtually ALL of the picks. Before David Stern takes the stage and starts calling out names, give me your prediction for what the Cavaliers will do with their four draft picks (#1, #19, #31, #33).

Conrad Kaczmarek:

I think the Cavaliers take Alex Len first overall. I really hope I'm wrong.

I also think the Cavaliers will trade up from the #19 pick, to get the #13 pick (and possibly Shawn Marion from the Mavericks) in order to draft Sergey Karasev.

The Cavs will either use their two second round picks to make that previous deal with Dallas work or they'll draft some international stash player with them. I don't expect the Cavs to use either 2nd round pick on a rookie that would be in the NBA next season.




David Zavac:

I think the Cavs will vindicate Jason Lloyd and Joe Kotoch and select Alex Len. Cleveland will burn down. It won't, but the mood won't be all that positive. He will end up being a pretty good basketball player, but far from the best player in his class.

After failing to trade up, or move the pick for a veteran, the Cavs will select Reggie Bullock at 19. This will be good, but won't stop the river of tears falling from my eyes.

Seeing Giannis Adetokunbo falling, the Cavs will use picks 31 and 33 to move back into the first round and select the Greek prospect. They will try hard to keep him in Europe, but if not he will play a big role for the Canton Charge for two years, all while soaking up a roster spot.

Sam Vecenie:

I have absolutely zero idea what this team ends up doing. There's almost no way that they end up picking 1, 19, 31 and 33. So it's not like I can say, "Oh, they'll end up with Nerlens Noel, Reggie Bullock, a point guard, and a stash pick." There will be trades, trades, and possibly more trades.

I'll say that I think that Nerlens Noel ends up going first overall, be it to the Cavaliers or not. I'll also say the Cavaliers end up with a big man and a shooter for sure, be it Alex Len and Sergey Karasev or Nerlens Noel and Reggie Bullock, or some other crazy combination we haven't thought of yet. They end up with at most three selections, possibly two. Finally, I'll say that some sort of non-rookie is brought to Cleveland tonight. Be it a veteran or a second-year guy like Thomas Robinson, some picks will be moved to bring in players that are not eligible for the 2013 NBA Draft.

Angelo Benedetti:

The Cavaliers are obviously going to select Noel with the first pick, then likely select the best player available with the remaining three. Since they won't take four rookies into the roster, I believe they will hold a martial arts tournament, similar to the Kumite from Bloodsport, and pit the rookies in mortal combat. As the Kumite is a fight to the death, the last player standing (the only one still living) will join the roster.

Dan Gilbert will then face a criminal trial for the wrongful death of three young basketball prospects & will be sentenced to life in jail. Because he's secretly a shape-shifting space lizard, he will escape from prison & continue to run the Cavaliers from hiding on the space lizard moon base.


Patrick Elder:

Despite all the conjecture, I still think the #1 pick is going to be Nerlens Noel. I am utterly uncertain of this, but I'm going with it nonetheless. Because of all the crazy and varied rumors flying, I must trust the logic of picking Noel. Makes too much sense not to happen, which means it probably won't, but still.

I think the Cavs are going to pull off a trade en route to making their second pick. The most likely scenario is trading both second rounders to Dallas for the 13th pick, but I'm not very confident that their target, Sergey Karasev, will be there then. If he's not there, I doubt the Cavs trade up. Both other players I think they'd go after, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Reggie Bullock, will likely be there at 19. Those will be the only two picks the Cavs make.

All of these assertions will prove wrong. I'm much more confident in that than I am in anything else in this draft.

What do you think the Cavaliers will do? With the time before the draft ticking away, give me your best guess at what Chris Grant has up his sleeves for Cleveland tonight.