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NBA Draft 2013: Cleveland Cavaliers select Sergey Karasev with the 19th pick

Despite being rumored to move up for into the early teens for Karasev, the Cavaliers stayed put at 19 and got their man.


It looks like Chris Grant knew exactly what he was doing.

The Cavaliers stayed at 19th overall, but still got the man they wanted in Sergey Karasev. They had been connected with the shooter out of Russia for about a month now, and it looked like they were going to have to move up for Karasev throughout the entire process.

As mentioned, Karasev is regarded as one of the best shooters in the draft, and performed extremely well when playing against men in the Russian League this season. He also had a pretty strong showing at the Nike Hoop Summit, where he was forced to go up against presumptive 2014 first overall pick Andrew Wiggins every day in practice. He is expected to come straight over to the NBA and be on the Cavaliers' roster next season.

It remains extremely interesting that the Cavaliers still have been unable to make a trade despite a ton of rumors this week. It remains to be seen what they do with their second round picks.