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NBA Draft 2013: Sergey Karasev expected to play for Cleveland Cavaliers this season

Sergey Karasev is expected to come over the NBA immediately, per Fred McLeod.

Looks like David is going to get to speak in Russian to someone other than the coaching staff in Russian next season.

According to the great and always fantastic Fred McLeod, Sergey Karasev is expected to come over next season. Fran Fraschilla also reported that this was expected on ESPN after the selection.


Given the roster makeup right now, I give Karasev a better shot of starting next season than I do Anthony Bennett. He is exactly what the team needs next to Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters at the 3 spot: a knockdown shooter. There's a good chance that the Cavs pick someone up in free agency, but I still like Karasev to get actual minutes next season

And seriously, Karasev looks an AWFUL lot like Eli Manning, doesn't he? I can't be the only one who has noticed this. The hair, the face, the kind of blank stare with the half smirk. It's a dead ringer.