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NBA Draft 2013: Cavaliers select Allen Crabbe with 31st pick, trade him to Portland Trail Blazers

The Cavaliers have moved the 31st overall pick to Portland.


In a trade at the top of the second round, the Cavaliers have traded the 31st overall pick to Portland for two future second round picks. If there are any sort of conditions on the pick, they are unknown at this time.

With the pick, the Blazers have selected Allen Crabbe out of California. Crabbe was widely considered a first round pick, but I actually moved him out of my first at the last minute before publishing my mock draft. He's a great shooter with solid length and a phenomenal ear-to-head ratio.

The trade of a second round is not a surprise, as there was no way they were coming out of this draft with four players. I'm not sure how I feel about trading a premium second rounder for a couple of future seconds that could be at the bottom of the round. This is basically the same value as a low first rounder, except with an non-guaranteed contract.

The news is coming fast for the Cavs here. Stay tuned for their next pick.