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NBA Draft 2013: Cleveland Cavaliers draft Carrick Felix with 33rd pick

The Cleveland Cavaliers surprised everybody with the first pick, and then took an athletic wing in the 2nd round.

Harry How

The Cleveland Cavaliers have selected Carrick Felix with the 33rd pick in the 2013 NBA Draft.

It has become quite clear that the Cavaliers do not care at all what other people think of their drafting habits. Felix ranked 69th on Draft Express' board of Top 100 prospects, but the Cavs had no problem taking him early in the 2nd round. Felix is a tremendously athletic player, but is a bit old for a prospect at 22 years old. He had a bunch of issues in college with academics and eligibility before he finally burst onto the scene and was very very productive at Arizona State.

It's a bit interesting that the Cavaliers picked Felix over some of the more established college talent. Jamaal Franklin, Jeff Withey, and even taking a flier on someone like Tony Mitchell could have been an option. But I guess if the Cavs wanted to get a player that could fill a role and defend off the bench, then Felix can be their guy.

Welcome to the Cavs, Carrick Felix!