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NBA Draft 2013: Must-read links for Cleveland Cavaliers draft

The NBA Draft has come and gone. The Cavaliers have added three new players in Anthony Bennett, Sergey Karasev, and Carrick Felix. Here's what you need to learn.

Mike Stobe

Were you surprised when the Cleveland Cavaliers took Anthony Bennett first overall? I sure was. While the pick might have caught everybody by surprise, there's still plenty of time to learn about everything the Cavs did on Thursday night. Here's a bunch of must-read links about the three new members of your Cleveland Cavaliers.

Anthony Bennett:

DraftExpress -- Anthony Bennett written profile and scouting report video

Bullets Forever -- Anthony Bennett scouting report

Truth About It -- Fantastic, in depth article about Bennett

Cleveland Cavaliers general manager Chris Grant press conference

Ridiculous dunk against California

Sergey Karasev:

DraftExpress -- Sergey Karasev written profile, interviews, and video highlights

Sam and David here at Fear the Sword debating over Sergey Karasev and Reggie Bullock. Karasev went 19th to the Cavs (duh) and Bullock went 25th to the Clippers.

Carrick Felix:

DraftExpress -- Carrick Felix written profile

House of Sparky (SBNation's ASU blog) on what Carrick Felix can bring an NBA team.

The Dream Shake (SBNation's Houston Rockets blog) on Felix