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NBA Free Agency: Omri Casspi not tendered a qualifying offer, becomes unrestricted free agent

The Cavaliers have decided to not tender Omri Casspi a qualifying offer.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

In one of the few predictable moves of this Cavalier offseason, the team has decided not to tender forward Omri Casspi a qualifying offer, according to Mary Schmitt Boyer of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.


Casspi's qualifying offer would have cost the Cavaliers $3.3 million dollars had he accepted. He is now an unrestricted free agent that can sign with whoever he wants.

This ends one of the weirdest seasons in recent Cavalier history by a specific player. Casspi began the season getting around 15 minutes per game, shooting well from three-point range and spacing the floor (for the month of November,, he played in 12 games, averaging 5.6 points-per-game and shooting 52% from three). Then his playing time started to disappear in the middle of December, and became non-existant by the time February rolled around with the new acquisitions of Wayne Ellington and Marreese Speights. Casspi then apparently asked for a trade, which was obviously not granted despite there being rumors of teams interested. Then finally his season ended with a ruptured appendix at the end of February.

Casspi definitely has some options for continuing his career. He said on June 17 to an Israeli newspaper that he wants, "To stay in the NBA, but I need a coach that believes in me and will give me minutes." He also mentioned that he has an offer from a European club if he wants to go that route.

I hope that Casspi does find a way to stay in the NBA, if that's what he wants. He's always had sneaky athleticism for his size. His calling card tends to be his shooting, but with how hit or miss it can be, the biggest part of his carving a niche in the league will be ironing that out and becoming more consistent. If he can do that, he has a chance to become a "3-and-D" guy in the NBA.