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NBA Draft: Cavs reported to be "very concerned" with Nerlens Noel's knee, intrigued by Oladipo

We are still three weeks away from the NBA draft, which means speculation remains in full swing, some informed, some not so informed. Fans are left guessing whom to believe. Yesterday, the Cleveland Plain Dealer muddied the waters a bit further for those trying to figure out who the Cavs will draft first overall.


In a piece touching a few different topics, Plain Dealer writer Terry Pluto wrote yesterday that:

1. The Cavs are very concerned about Nerlens Noel's knee issues. They aren't at all sold on the 19-year-old Kentucky center as the No. 1 pick. Noel is out at least until December with an ACL. He also had a significant injury to the same knee as a high-school sophomore, which is why the Cavs and other teams are worried about his durability.

Noel will visit the Cavs June 20th, giving Cleveland the opportunity to have their medical staff take a look at Noel.We all know at this point the General Manager Chris Grant recommended Dr. Andrews, and really does his due diligence. There are two sides to this, as I see it; one is that until the team looks at his knee, this is all just useless speculation. But it is more than that if the Cavs aren't worried about his recovery, but are worried about how Pluto ends his sentence: his durability. His knee could look good to the Cavs staff, but if Grant doesn't think he will be able to stay healthy once he is back, that could give Cleveland pause before taking him.

The idea that the Cavs are not totally sold on Noel isn't a new one. Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon-Journal reported as much the night of the lottery. Reports from Sam Amico have indicated that the Cavs like Ben McLemore's scoring, and Pluto in the same article says Alex Len is a real possibility for Cleveland, while Porter is a much less likely option. Pluto finishes his section on the Cavs by saying he senses the team moving away from Noel, and being open to a trade. Now, add Victor Oladipo to the list, per Bob Finnan. Finnan writes that the Cavs are extremely high on Oladipo, and are trying to keep it quiet.

How much we make of any of this, I don't know. Chad Ford wrote the other day he believes there is a 60-65% chance that Cleveland takes Noel. Whispers abound that Dan Gilbert has a playoffs or bust attitude this season. If that attitude comes at the expense of taking a talent like Noel that is a serious problem. Anyways, buckle up, because the rumors won't stop, and neither will my mood swings as they fly around.