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NBA Free Agency: Cleveland Cavaliers will meet with Earl Clark on Tuesday

Mike Brown coached Earl Clark in Los Angeles. Might he be trying to bring Clark back to Cleveland with him?


Chris Grant and the Cleveland Cavaliers have vowed to be aggressive in free agency. I'm not sure how aggressive the Cavs actually intend on being, but it sounds like one of their primary targets is Earl Clark. According to reports, the Cavs and Clark will meet on Tuesday to discuss the possibility of Clark signing in Cleveland.

The connection between Clark and the Cavs is obvious. Mike Brown coached Earl Clark while they were both with the Los Angeles Lakers. It has been known for a while that Brown was a fan and wouldn't mind coaching him again. Clark provides excellent size and length. He's 6-10 and can do an adequate job guarding multiple positions. Clark has bounced around a few times in his career and easily had his best season with the Lakers last year.

This isn't a gamechanging free agent target, but it's something. We've seen that defense is the biggest problem and if Mike Brown feels like some guys can be brought in to play well in his defensive system, then I'm all for that. There also won't be a very long line of suitors filing in to sign Clark, so the Cavs will probably get a pretty favorable deal if they decide to make an offer.