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NBA Free Agency: Report: C.J. Watson agrees to terms with the Pacers

C.J. Watson plans to sign wih the Indiana Pacers once the moratorium lifts on July 10.


Well, there goes one name that you can scratch off of the free agency wish list. C.J. Watson is planning on signing with the Indiana Pacers on July 10 -- once the league moratorium lifts -- according to Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld and seemingly Watson himself.

Even though Watson would have been an awesome fit as a Cavalier, I'm glad that Watson is seemingly getting a multi-year deal above the league minimum. He's a bulldog defensively and a solid shooter that doesn't turn the ball over. I'm not sure what more you could ask from a backup point guard. He'll fit in nicely as a Pacer.

The Cavaliers were the first team to speak to Watson last night, but it looks like Watson wanted to secure a deal with a semi-contender before other point guards could get in the way. Good for him, and that means it's back to the drawing board for the Cavaliers.