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Andrew Bynum scouting report video from DraftExpress

The Cleveland Cavaliers have signed Andrew Bynum. What could they potentially be getting from the all star big man? Watch this video to find out.

Andrew Bynum is now a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers and that's pretty exciting. When he's fully healthy, he's a tremendous player. He's a dominant force in the paint on both offense and defense. He has great hands and his size makes him a mismatch for just about any opposing center. However, it's one thing to write and read all of that and it's another thing to actually see him doing it. Cavaliers fans are hoping that Bynum will be healthy enough to show it off at Quicken Loans Arena this season. But for now, we turn to DraftExpress for a comprehensive breakdown of what a healthy Andrew Bynum has to offer.

We know from their unbelievable work around the time of the NBA Draft. But fortunately, they were kind enough to put together a scouting report video about Andrew Bynum as well. Check it out and you can see why the $6 million gamble that the Cavs made could be well worth it in the end.