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NBA Free Agency: Cleveland Cavaliers officially sign Jarrett Jack and Earl Clark

The Cavaliers made their free agency acquisitions official by signing a contract with both Jarrett Jack and Earl Clark.

Ezra Shaw

The NBA Free Agency period started on July 1st, but nobody was allowed to officially sign a contract until the moratorium period ended. The moratorium was lifted at 12:01 AM Eastern on July 10th and that's when any acquisitions could become official. We already knew that this was coming, but now the signings are official: the Cavaliers have acquired Jarrett Jack and Earl Clark.

There is a press conference starting around 11 am eastern to introduce the new Cavaliers. There will likely be a live feed of the press conference on Unfortunately, Andrew Bynum will not be formally introduced with Jack and Clark.

UPDATE: Here is the link to watch the press conference live:

Jarrett Jack signed a 4 year contract worth around $25 million. The last season is a team option. Earl Clark signed a 2 year contract worth around $9 million. Similar to Jack's deal, the Cavs have a team option on the final year in Clark's contract. Both of these deals allow the Cavs to add valuable talent to their current roster while maintaining future financial flexibility.

We already broke down our analysis of these two signings, so make sure you check those out.

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