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World University Games Final: Russia and Sergey Karasev v. Australia gamethread

If you come to this site, I assume you are in large part obsessed with the Cavaliers. What better way to express that than to have a gamethread for a tape delayed broadcast of a game already played involving a player the Cavs haven't even signed yet?

Mike Stobe

As we have discussed, new Cavalier Sergey Karasev has been tearing up the World University Games. He has led his Russian team all the way to the championship game, where tonight (earlier today) they will be taking on Australia. Because we are crazy, I assume a few of us will be interested in chiming in on the game and what we see.

Where to watch

ESPNU, 9 pm

Things to watch for

How is he defending? How does his shot look in game action? What about this passing we keep hearing about? How does he play team basketball. How does Russia utilize him? Does he have skills that might translate immediately? Will Chris Davis hit a home run tonight? Ok, so the last one is about the All Star game for baseball, which will be on FOX. We can discuss that too.

Karasev's game has already happened, so you can find his stat line somewhere online if you want. I am more interested to see how comfortable he looks on the court, his quickness that sort of thing. Whether he can help his country win a title will be cool as well. Remember, the US team has some potential NBA players on it, and they finished 9th. Karasev has been unquestionably Russia's best player, and they have a chance to win this thing.