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Cleveland Cavaliers to introduce Andrew Bynum on Friday morning

The Cleveland Cavaliers will finally introduce their biggest free agent acquisition on Friday morning in a press conference.


Andrew Bynum is coming to Cleveland. This isn't exactly breaking news, but now we can say that Andrew Bynum is really coming to Cleveland. There will be a press conference on Friday morning at 11 AM to introduce Andrew Bynum as the newest member of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The press conference was rumored to be held Thursday, but it was delayed once the Cavaliers had to make a decision on an amnesty claim for Mike Miller. The 5 PM deadline for claiming Mike Miller came and went without the Cavs making a bid, and Cleveland is now free to fill up the rest of their cap space with the signing of Bynum. I'm sure there will be a live feed of the press conference on Fans are definitely eager to hear what Chris Grant has to say about the addition of Bynum and hopefully we'll get some sort of update regarding the health of his knees.

Mike Brown is in Las Vegas with the Cavaliers' Summer League team but wouldn't comment on the addition of Bynum until it was officially official. Brown said that he would be around the arena tomorrow, even though the Cavs don't play, so hopefully we'll be able to catch up with him after the press conference.