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NBA Free Agency: Andrew Bynum officially signs with Cleveland Cavaliers, Kevin Jones and Chris Quinn waived

The Cleveland Cavaliers have signed Andrew Bynum.

Jeff Gross

The Cleveland Cavaliers have added an all star center to their roster. Whether he plays like it, or plays at all in a Cleveland Cavaliers uniform is another question. Today though, the mercurial center said all the right things as he was introduced to the Cleveland media with general manager Chris Grant.

Bynum said that the Cavaliers are "definitely" a playoff team, and that he looks forward to playing a full season. Coming off a season in which he didn't play a single minute, this might be a tall order. But press conferences are a time for enthusiasm and beginnings, and this could pay off in a big way for Cleveland. Bynum has already moved to Cleveland and appears motivated to prove himself after a lost season in Philadelphia. Hopefully his knees allow him to do that.

He addressed questions about his worth ethic, calling them ridiculous and said he especially looks forward to playing with Anderson Varejao. Given his history of suspensions and troubles with various coaching staffs, his declaration that he wants to be a leader seems curious, though perhaps all the criticism and year off have helped him mature.

As has been reported in the past, the deal is worth a possible $24 million over two seasons, though only $6 million is guaranteed. Former Cavaliers Chris Quinn and Kevin Jones were waived, probably to make room for Bynum under the cap. CJ Miles, who also has a non-guaranteed contract, appears to be safe. Chris Quinn came to Cleveland late last year to provide depth at point guard for a crippled Cavs team. Jones was an undrafted rookie out of West Virginia that bounced from Canton to Cleveland throughout the year. He showed some promise as a stretch 4 that could rebound, and could ultimately still make the Cavaliers roster. He is on the summer league roster but is out with a concussion.

So what do you think Cavs fans? Did you like what you heard from Bynum? How many games will be play this year? Over/under at 50 games?