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NBA Free Agency: Cavaliers meeting with Earl Clark went well, sides will meet again Wednesday

The Cavaliers have been quiet in free agency except for their interest in Earl Clark. They met with Clark on Tuesday and will meet again on Wednesday.


We have an important update to the Earl Clark situation. The Cleveland Cavaliers reportedly met with Clark on Tuesday, but did not make any sort of formal offer. However, the meeting apparently went well and the two sides will meet again on Wednesday, according to

I haven't heard any team, other than the Cavs and the Lakers, expressing interest in Clark. But apparently, the interest is mutual.

Clark has plenty of connections to the Cavaliers. Mike Brown coached him (albeit briefly) with the Lakers last year, and Brown is a strong proponent of the stretch-4-power forwards who can shoot 3s and open the floor. Cavaliers assistant general manager Dave Griffin was with the Suns when Clark was drafted.

Also, newly hired assistant coach Igor Kokoskov was in Phoenix for Clark's first year-plus, and Kokoskov is considered one of the best talent developers in the game. He is generally credited for helping to turn players like Channing Frye into 3-point threats. The feeling in Cleveland is that he could help Clark do the same.

We knew about the slight connection to Mike Brown, but the points about Igor Kokoskov and Dave Griffin are worth noting as well. The Suns probably gave up on Clark a little bit too early and it's clear that some people around the league believe that he still has a great deal of potential.

We'll keep you updated on the meeting tomorrow and I would assume that if the Cavs plan to sign Clark, they'll make an offer tomorrow. It's kind of tough to predict what Clark would command, but I'd be comfortable giving him a 3-year deal worth $10 million. Anything more than that and I'd be pretty hesitant. Looking at Clark's past production isn't all that impressive, but he's still just 25 years old and if the Cavs are this high on him, they clearly think he can be much better than he has been in the past.