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NBA Summer League Quarterfinals: Miami Heat (2-2) vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (3-1)

The quarterfinals of the Las Vegas Summer League kick off today at 4 P.M. Eastern time as the Cavaliers take on the Miami Heat.


Revenge game? Ha. The Cavaliers are above such petty reminders of seeing their hometown hero bolt for South Beach as they wallow in basketball misery. However, getting a victory in the Las Vegas Summer League quarterfinals against the Heat would probably be nice.

Who? Cleveland Cavaliers (3-1) vs. Miami Heat (3-1)

When? 4:00 PM Eastern

Where? Thomas and Mack Center -- Las Vegas, NV

Where on my eyeballs? NBATV / Summer League Pass

Tickets? If you fly out to Vegas in the next couple hours, I'm sure you can find them.

Enemy/brother blog? Hot Hot Hoops

How much fun can we expect from the game today? The Cavaliers have been playing pretty solid defensively -- for summer league -- while in town this week. They're the only team in the field to hold their opponent under 70 points in every game thus far. Having said that, decent defense doesn't lead to any ridiculous, fun summer league-type things, so Mike Brown is already sucking the fun out of my life.

Dion check? He was on fire in the first half of the Cavs' first playoff game against the Spurs, and he ended up with 27 points. His midrange jumper was falling early on yesterday, and he was getting to the rim at will. Hopefully he can keep doing that today.

Injury watch: Somehow, the Cavs now have three people out for the rest of LVSL, including Tyler Zeller. Zeller had to get stitches in his left ring finger. It won't hold him out for the Team USA minicamp at the end of the week. Combining this with Kevin Jones and Chris Quinn's concussions, we should probably just #BanInjuries and never have to deal with them again.

Who can we look forward to on Miami's summer league team? James Ennis out of Long Beach State has been pretty impressive both offensively and defensively, averaging about ten points and showing off a versatile game. Travis Leslie has also been impressive in transition, and those two may combine to frustrate Waiters today.

Other Notes: -Just one of these today. The Summer League playoff format is absolutely atrocious and needs to be revamped for next year. Having an entire loser's bracket day yesterday kind of defeats the purpose of a playoff.

Fear The Sword's Fearless Prediction? The Cavaliers start slow but pick up steam as the game goes on. Waiters comes up big near the end of the game, and Jared Berggren surprisingly makes a last second 17 footer to beat the Heat.

The Cavs win 69-68 on a last second Berggren jumper, because I want to be as specific as possible.