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Andrew Bynum can't wait to play for a city that "really supports the team"

Andrew Bynum has joined the Cavaliers to start a new phase of his career. It sure seems like he's happy to move on from Philly and Los Angeles.


Andrew Bynum is hoping for a fresh start with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He's had some success in the NBA throughout his career, but he's making it clear that he's more than excited to move forward. His experiences with the Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers were up and down and he didn't necessarily leave those teams on the best terms. In an interview with Fox Sports Ohio's Allie Clifton on the day that he was introduced, Bynum fired some not-so-subtle shots at his previous fanbases.

Here's the direct quote from Bynum is response to Allie's question about the passionate fans in Cleveland. (At the 2:53 mark in the video)

"I just know that they're really, really passionate and I haven't had the opportunity to play for a city that is really just gonna stand up and really support the team and I'm super excited.... I can't wait to see what it's like."

(h/t to Beyond the Buzzer)

Shots. Fired.

I guess he could be talking about Sixers fans here, but since he never actually played in a game for them, it seems unlikely. More likely, Bynum is ripping on Lakers fans who were singing his praises one minute and then couldn't wait to ship him out of town once Dwight Howard became available. I'm not exactly sure what Bynum is trying to do with comments like these, but they at least made Lakers fans salty which is always hilarious. It's also not a bad way to suck up to his newest fan base in Cleveland. Granted, Cleveland has been known to turn on pro athletes pretty quick too. But Andrew Bynum just got here, so we'll pretend everything is perfect and happy for the time being.

I'll definitely keep you updated if any Lakers blogs feel the need to write posts in response to Bynum's comments. Those will be fun as well.