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Kyrie Irving is on the cover of NBA Live 14 video game

Kyrie Irving is the cover athlete for EA Sports NBA Live 14.

It looks like you're going to have to switch from NBA 2k14 to NBA LIve 14. Why? Because Kyrie Irving is on the cover of NBA Live 14. EA Sports is bringing back their version of an NBA video game and the Cleveland Cavaliers' superstar is on the cover. So that's pretty neat.

Check out this Polygon post about the new video game and stuff. I have no idea if I'll actually play NBA Live 14, but it's cool that Kyrie is on the cover, right?

"I'm so proud to be the face of this franchise as it makes its much-anticipated return," said Irving, the 2011-12 NBA Rookie of the Year and a 2013 NBA All-Star, in a press release announcing his appearance on the cover. "I've been on the court with the development team and I've seen first-hand some of the amazing things EA Sports is doing with NBA Live 14. The fans are going to love it."

And yes, the picture of Kyrie on the cover is super scary.