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NBA Free Agency: Cavaliers potentially interested in Knicks Chris Copeland

The Cavaliers have been linked to yet another player. Check out who it is.


The Cleveland Cavaliers have been targeting some of the lower level free agents this offseason. They are reportedly quite interested in Earl Clark, but have yet to extend any sort of formal offer to him. Wednesday night, the Cavs were also linked to another versatile swingman -- Chris Copeland.

Copeland played with the New York Knicks last season as a 28-year old rookie. He's a 6-9 forward, but is most effective out on the perimeter. He's an excellent three-point shooter, making 59 of his 140 attempts, good for 42.1%. He's not a very good defender or rebounder, however.

Personally, I'd rather have Earl Clark, but Copeland isn't a terrible option. It's quite clear that the Cavs are targeting really long, versatile forwards that can fill the small forward position while creating mismatches elsewhere on the court. I believe Clark has far more upside, being 3 years younger. He's also a significantly better rebounder and already a pretty solid defender. The downside is that Clark's three-point shot is a work in progress.

I couldn't imagine the Cavs intend to sign both of these guys, so which would you rather have? If the Cavaliers are signing either Earl Clark or Chris Copeland, who's your guy? Let me know in the comments.