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Au Revoir Omri: A Reflection in Haiku

And like that, he's gone. News broke, courtesy of Yahoo Sport's Adrian Wojnarowski, that Omri Casspi is officially leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers to join Dwight Howard with the Houston Rockets. You know what that means, it's poem time.

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

Trade at the deadline.

JJ Hickson for Casspi.

Cavs fans hopes were high.


The lockout raged on.

Fans speculated wildly.

Would we see you play?


Shortened pre-season

Showed us flashes of promise.

Little did we know...


Why can't you dribble?

It's literally your job.

Do you not practice?


What about your shot?

Another clangs off the rim

I miss you, JJ.


Demanded a trade,

Despite not playing at all.

Not quite how that works.


Going to Houston.

Your Sprite commercial lives on.

Au revoir, Omri!