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NBA Free Agency: Andrew Bynum in Cleveland to meet with Cavaliers

The Cavaliers' interest in Andrew Bynum is apparently serious, as he is expected in Cleveland today to meet with the team.




The speculation linking Andrew Bynum to the Cavaliers now has reason to be ratcheted up, as he is in Cleveland today in order to meet with the team, according to Marc Stein of ESPN.

I was honestly unsure how real the Cavaliers' interest was until this set of tweets. Yesterday's Bynum reports could have easily been a ploy by his agent in order to get the Mavericks to ramp up their contract offer. Even if this meeting serves that purpose today, I doubt the Cavaliers would waste their own time if they weren't at least interested in hearing what Bynum had to say.

If Bynum is willing to take a year to try to increase his free agency value, the Cavaliers can certainly pay him handsomely to do so. While some have speculated that the Cavaliers' offer may be near $15 million per season, I just can't see it exceeeding $13 million due to what their cap space situation is. They would have to offload some money even after declining C.J. Miles' team option in that scenario, and I find that to be unlikely.

We'll be keeping you updated with this story as new information comes available, so stay tuned. Today could be a fun day for the Cavaliers.