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NBA Free Agency: Cleveland Cavaliers offer Andrew Bynum 2 year, $24 million deal

The Cleveland Cavaliers want Andrew Bynum and they want him now. They've reportedly made a very big offer.


The Cleveland Cavaliers want Andrew Bynum to sign with the team and they want him to it soon. A report from Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski indicated that the Cavaliers have made an offer worth up to 2 years and $24 million to Bynum.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are pushing for free-agent center Andrew Bynum to accept a two-year, $24 million-plus, incentive-based contract offer, league sources told Yahoo! Sports on Monday night.



According to the report, the Cavaliers are pushing the Bynum to accept this offer quickly, despite the fact that he will still meet with the Atlanta Hawks and the Dallas Mavericks. The offer reportedly has a team option on the second year, minimizing risk in case Bynum cannot stay healthy again.

The Cavaliers met with Bynum in Cleveland on Monday, but could fast lose patience with waiting on the two-time NBA champion center to make a decision on accepting the offer, which includes a team option in the second year of the deal, sources said.

The Cavaliers' offer will include incentives that require Bynum to meet certain minutes and games played benchmarks. In the meantime, the Cavaliers are also going after Andrei Kirilenko and Elton Brand in attempts to get them to sign one-year contracts, thus putting further pressure on Bynum to make a decision.

Bynum, 25, left Cleveland to travel to Atlanta to meet with Hawks officials, and Cleveland has begun to engage free agents Andrei Kirilenko and Elton Brand on possible one-year deals that would preclude the Cavaliers from the ability to sign Bynum, league sources said.

If the Cavaliers are truly as impatient as the Yahoo! report makes them sound, we may have a conclusion to BYNUM WATCH sooner than we thought.