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NBA Free Agency: Cavaliers pursuing Andrei Kirilenko, Elton Brand if they miss out on Andrew Bynum

The Cavaliers may have an interest in Andrei Kirilenko depending on the outcome of the Andrew Bynum talks.

Greg Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Cavaliers want a quick resolution to the Andrew Bynum talks because they may have an interest in Andrei Kirilenko depending on Bynum's decision, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports. Wojnarowski also notes their interest in Elton Brand as well.

Bynum, 25, left Cleveland to travel to Atlanta to meet with Hawks officials, and Cleveland has begun to engage free agents Andrei Kirilenko and Elton Brand on possible one-year deals that would preclude the Cavaliers from the ability to sign Bynum, league sources said.

While this is a good thing that the Cavaliers aren't throwing all of their eggs in the Andrew Bynum basket, it seems like this could also be a circumstance of an empty threat. For instance, I don't see the Cavaliers pulling their offer to Bynum if Brand tells them that he will sign with them because Brand has no future on this team.

Having said that, I do think that they want a quick resolution to this saga. Bynum would be an excellent risk to take because of his upside, but Kirilenko and his defensive versatility might push this team to the playoffs next season. While he doesn't bring the shooting a lot of small forwards are capable of, he's still an extremely effective player. Any player who makes most of his money on the defensive end and still has a 17.67 PER with a low usage rate can help any team to the playoffs. It's also probably worth mentioning that Sergey Karasev has known Kirilenko for quite some time, and I can't think of a better mentor to help Karasev develop defensively.

Plus, look at this tattoo. It's glorious and hideous all at the same time!


Unfortunately though, it looks like Bynum Watch will not last more than a few days this time around.