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Fear The Sword Fantasy Football.

I have organizing to do. Here's where I'm going to do it.

Jared Wickerham

Hey guys so the response to my original fan post was awesome. We had a lot of people interested in joining the league. I'm genuinely really looking forward to being frustrated every single Sunday during this season about how poorly I drafted.

The issue is executive decisions need to be made. We currently have 12 people in one league and 5 that have joined in the other. I believe I have sent more than five invites to the second league but as of right now that's all the people that have joined.

I have a few questions:

  • Is anybody else interested in joining the fantasy leagues that hasn't already?
  • Is anybody from league one willing to switch to the RadCod league to even things out?
The draft for league 1 is on August 28th at 7:30 ET

The draft for league 2 is on August 26th at 7:00 ET

These times are tentative but the best way to organize this is usually throwing out a random time and seeing how many people it upsets and then adjust accordingly. Might I suggest if one time/ day works better for you than the other that you volunteer to switch what league you are in?

If you want to join and have not already expressed your interest you can contact me at