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Andrew Bynum working hard in Cleveland and is "going to be ready"

The Cavaliers made a gamble by signing Andrew Bynum. At this point in time, we're starting to hear good things about him.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

There was much debate about how much money Andrew Bynum should command as a free agent this summer. He didn't play a single minute last season and has had a ton of knee injuries, but offers immense upside. In the end (as you know), the Cleveland Cavaliers signed Bynum to a contract which guarantees only $6 million but could be worth up to $24 million. The Cavs aren't risking much, but it's still a bit of a gamble. The big question is: will the gamble pay off?

Early reports are indicating good things about the Cavs' newest big man. Despite the fact that ESPN Summer Forecast called the signing of Bynum the 3rd worst addition of the offseason, Cavs general manager Chris Grant is far more optimistic, according to Steve Aschburner of

"I have absolutely been blown away by his approach," Grant said. "Literally, [from] the day we signed him, the next day he was here and he has been here every day but Sunday working. During this rehab, this progression, obviously we have a very detailed plan that he's been on and he's following it to a T."

That is a very good thing. Of course, Grant might just be saying that. And I won't *really* believe anything until I see Bynum in a uniform and playing real minutes in an NBA game. But it's at least encouraging. In the past, people have been highly critical of Bynum work ethic and his commitment to the game. Hearing that he is working hard to get back into shape and be ready for the season is something I'm happy to believe.

C.J. Miles also had good things to say about Bynum. In this interview with VladTV, Miles says he's seen Bynum working out in Cleveland this summer.

"And everybody's asking questions about Andrew Bynum...I was in Cleveland for a week and I saw him -- and he's ready."

If Andrew Bynum is actually healthy and ready for the season, this is going to be very very fun. I'm cautiously optimistic and there's a lot of time before Bynum will actually step on the court for the Cavs, but the things that we're hearing so far are quite good. Let's hope they stay that way.