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Farewell poems for former members of the Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavaliers have said goodbye to several dear friends this summer. Let's remember them with poems.


It's been a busy summer. Between life, the universe and everything, I haven't had time to properly memorialize those Cavaliers that are no longer with the team. Given some of the big names that are taking their talents elsewhere this season (I'll miss you forever, Luke Walton), it would be a downright travesty if we here at Fear the Sword didn't give them their proper poetic sendoff. With that said, let's gather here today to remember those that are no longer with us. Those of us who have taken off the wine and gold to go continue their career elsewhere. Those that will not be on the hardwood next year, but will forever be there in our hearts.

You might want to cue up some sad music for the rest of this post. I'd suggest some good, haunting bagpipe music. Have to set the right mood to really get the tears flowing, you guys.

A Rose by Any Other Name

That doesn't look right.
How do you spell this again?
One last time: Marreese.

A Limerick for Livingston

There once was a man from Illinois,
Who looked like he was a Backstreet Boy.
And he said with a grin,
As he exited the gym,
If I played for the Nets I'd have joy.

Witness to Walton

I was there for it.
Against the Knicks, 12 assists.
Luke's single double.

Shoot It

Born on the same exact day as this here blogger,
Often I've felt a deeper connection to you.
Our height is the same, as is our game,
Ballin' out from the behind the three point line.
I've always felt a kinship to you, Daniel.
Emotions run deep, but it is sadly time for us to part ways.

Duke Ellington

Bench scoring was sparse.
You came in and saved the day.
Have fun with Monta.

Feel free to dry your eyes and leave your fondest memories in the comments below.