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NBA Bring Em Back Day: Wally Szczerbiak

The theme for this week is bringing back a former player in their prime to the current roster. This leaves us with a very obvious choice. Wally Szczerbiak

Hint it's not one of these two
Hint it's not one of these two
David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

There was a time not long ago when the Cavaliers were a much more handsome team than their current incarnation. Where three pointers would come flying in all day. While injuries and age robbed us of the full Wally Szczerbiak experience, there are few players in recent Cavs history that, if brought back in their prime, would be a better fit for their current roster.

The Cavs obviously have not had an answer at the small forward position in the past few years. Floor spacing has been a serious issue for the team. Szczerbiak shot 40.5% for his career from the 3 point line including a career high of 45.5% in his third year in the league. With his floor spacing and size at 6'7, 245 pounds he would be the perfect weapon to include into the Cavs offense. He would be our very own Chandler Parsons.

Sure there may be more obvious options out there, or sexier selections for a return to the team. However, it's fun to think outside the box. Wally was always a great team guy and when you factor in chemistry, and team needs he's would be a perfect fit for the current roster and would have a significant impact on the teams win column.

Still not convinced? I bring you the following clip:

Wally Szczerbiak (via curtycurtl2)

What do you guys think? Would you enjoy another trip to Wally's World? Would you prefer Jamario Moon?


A massive thank you to Mourt for bringing forward one of the best Wally moments ever: