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Fox Sports Ohio's Cleveland Cavaliers 2013-2014 TV Coverage Announced

Fox Sports Ohio has released it's broadcast schedule for the coming season.


Those of you in the Fox Sports Ohio viewing region have a lot of Cavs basketball to look forward to this year. They announced today that they will be broadcasting 81 games this season, which happens to be the maximum amount that they are eligible to show.

They will be bringing back the Cavs Live pregame show for this coming season. Where you can connect and receive in depth analysis before each game, as well as the post game edition where they will break down everything that went down in the game.

The real prize of this of course is that for 81 games this season Fred McLeod and Austin Carr will be calling the action. While some may shake their head at times at the unique broadcast stylings of Austin Carr, there is no denying that he brings a contagious energy and enthusiasm to games that has helped brighten some dark times over the past few seasons. In my opinion Fred McLeod is one of the best in the business. Together they form my favorite local broadcast team, and I am very excited that they are back for another campaign.

I mean really come on, how fun is this:

Austin Carr enjoys Carmelo's missed free throw and foul (via outsidethenba)

For all your non Fear The Sword analysis you can head over to to read NBA expert Sam Amico provide his insight on all things Cavs, as well as participate in his weekly chat session.

Of course for those of you that don't know the best place to be when watching Cavs games during the season Fear the Sword will be hosting game threads all year long. Come join in with your fellow fans as we laugh, cry, and try to figure out together how exactly Kyrie does what he does.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I can't believe it wasn't mentioned in the article proper that Allie Clifton will also be back for on-court analysis during Fox Sports Ohio's coverage this season. But she will.