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Media Day: Positivity over Andrew Bynum's health continues

Andrew Bynum update? Andrew Bynum update.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

Continuing in the tradition of good but not great news about Andrew Bynum's condition, there were some more positive than not tidbits released on media day. Will Bynum be ready to play on opening night? We don't know.

The thing is, it was when Bynum really got into the practice activity and full court basketball that his knees would start to swell up last season. He may not have any idea how his knees will react once training camp, which generally involves pretty tough physical conditioning, gets going. That said, the Cavaliers have a specific plan with Bynum to try and avoid just that sort of swelling, which is part of the reason Bynum is on a different timeline in the first place. The goal, I assume, is to build up as much strength as possible in the knees without adding to wear and tear. The Cavaliers want Bynum peaking around February, not necessarily in November. Still, there is good news:

With a guy as mercurial as Bynum, who has had teammates question his commitment to the game, this is really positive to hear. It's possible Bynum didn't want to be traded to Philadelphia and didn't put in the seriousness required for his rehab. So far, that isn't an issue in Cleveland.

The more stuff it is reported that Bynum is doing, the better the chances of him doing something meaningful for the Cavaliers will be. We still haven't heard about any setbacks, and know that Cleveland has him on a very deliberate schedule, whether Bynum wants it or not. The second half of Bynum's contract is not guaranteed until January 7th, so he has that amount of time to convince the front office that he can be of use. And, for what it's worth, Bynum is still optimistic:

It is media day and people are excited and optimistic. In my book, no bad news is good news for Bynum.