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2014 NBA Draft

Thrilled Cavaliers introduce Andrew Wiggins

David Griffin and David Blatt are excited about Andrew Wiggins

How will Wiggins fit with Kyrie and Dion?

Is Wiggins a small forward, or a shooting guard? And what does that mean for the Cavs' current backcourt?

Andrew Wiggins meets Cleveland

Andrew Wiggins is a Cleveland Cavalier. Now we start finding out just where he fits in.

NBA Draft Grades for the Cavs

The Cleveland Cavaliers absolutely nailed the draft last night.

Fear the Links: Reactions to Andrew Wiggins

A roundup of what people elsewhere on the internet said about the decision to draft Andrew Wiggins first overall.

Cavs pick Joe Harris 33rd overall

After selecting Andrew Wiggins earlier in the night, the Cavs decided to grab Joe Harris with their second round pick.

NBA Draft Open Thread Part II

Continue talking about the 2014 NBA Draft!

Cavs take Wiggins -- Instant analysis

Andrew Wiggins is going to be wearing a Cavs jersey! What do we think of the pick?

Cavaliers select Andrew Wiggins with top pick!

Andrew Wiggins is the newest member of the Cleveland Cavaliers!

NBA Draft night LIVE at 7:00 ET

Listen to draft experts- and David - preview the NBA draft.

NBA Draft Open Thread!


76ers stop trying to trade for Andrew Wiggins?

The Cavs might keep this pick after all!

Cavs, 76ers still talking deal as draft approaches

Will the Cavaliers move the top pick to Philadelphia?

Vegas odds for #1 pick

Who does Vegas think will be the first pick in the draft?

A roundup of all the mock drafts

With the draft just a few hours away, here's a look at who the experts think the Cavs will choose.

NBA Draft TV information, order of picks

All the info you need to be ready for the NBA draft tonight.

Cavs, Magic talks are "nowhere", "bullshit"

The rumors keep coming in and getting shot down.

FTS writers weigh in on Cavs draft choices

It's time for the Fear the Sword staff to give their opinions on what the Cavaliers should do with the first pick

Celtics offering #6,#17, and players for #1?

How fast did the Cavs decline?

Cavs seek last minute workout w/ Dante Exum

The Cleveland Cavaliers suddenly have some interest in Dante Exum..

Talks with Minnesota for Kevin Love now dead?

According to Woj, the Cavs tried to get Kevin Love for the number one pick. But Love's refusal to commit has "killed" those discussions.

This stream has:

The Draft is Thursday.

What will the Cleveland Cavaliers do with the top pick in the draft?

Jabari doesn't think he's going to Cleveland

Where does Jabari Parker think he'll be drafted? THE ANSWER MAY SURPRISE YOU.

Dan Gilbert refutes ESPN report

We have officially reached crazy season.

Magic reportedly offering Afflalo, #4 & #12 for #1

The Cavs continue to receive calls regarding the first overall pick. Now Orlando has made an offer.

Jazz offering package of Favors, #5 pick for #1?

The Cleveland Cavaliers have the first pick. Will they draft a player or will they use it in a trade?

Ford projects disinterested Parker to the Cavs

Chad Ford weighs in on the Cavs draft options after Joel Embiid's injury.

CBS report: Cavs leaning Parker?

Will Jabari Parker be a Cleveland Cavalier next season?

Joel Embiid is in Cleveland!

The Eagle has landed.

Ford: Embiid to Cavs, could Cavs/76ers make trade?

Chad Ford has some interesting nuggets in his new mock draft today.

Joel Embiid to workout w/ Cavs on Thursday?

We finally have a date for Joel Embiid's visit to Cleveland.

Joel Embiid scares the crap out of me

The Cavaliers have the first pick in the 2014 NBA Draft. Joel Embiid might be the best prospect, but he's also the scariest.


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