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2014 NBA Offseason

2014 Player Preview: Matthew Dellavedova

Fear The Sword profiles Cavaliers guard Matthew Dellavedova ahead of the 2014-15 season.

Cavs trade Bogans to Philadelphia

The Cavs have traded Keith Bogans to the Philadelphia 76ers just a few days after acquiring him.

Kevin Love isn't what you think he is

Examining some misconceptions surrounding the Cavaliers All-Star power forward

Cavs complete five player trade with Celtics

Kieth Bogans!

Questions for the Cavs moving forward

It's been a great summer, but there are some things that will take time before clarity comes.

Tristan Thompson might start at center

Rumors of Tristan Thompson's demise have been greatly exaggerated

ESPN ranks Cavs 5th in under 25 talent

The Cavaliers are not only a team with the ability to win now, they are also among the league's best in terms of young talent.

LeBron return leaves Cavs fans divided

Kendon makes his debut on Fear the Sword, and he writes about LeBron's return dividing the Cavs fanbase

SI names Kevin Love the NBA's seventh best player

Sports Illustrated says Kevin Love is the NBA's seventh best player.

LeBron mural has been approved

He's back, and his presence will be felt in Cleveland once more.

SI ranks LeBron James as top player in NBA

More respect for Cleveland Cavalier LeBron James

Introducing new writers to the team

The Cavs got a lot better this offseason. I think we did too.

Is Kyrie Irving the league's 21st best player?

How good can Kyrie be?

LeBron says Kyrie can be the best point guard

LeBron James gives Kyrie Irving a strong vote on confidence.

CavsZine5 Kickstarter is up and running!

Read an excerpt from Angelo Benedetti's CavsZine2 contribution, and learn how to help make CavsZine5 the best yet.

We are all witnesses, again?

The iconic billboard may be returning to downtown Cleveland, with a new twist.

Cavaliers get caught in Luol Deng controversy

It appears the letter Danny Ferry used to build his controversial comments regarding Luol Deng originated in Cleveland.

Cavs announce lottery for ticket sales

You're going need to be extra lucky to land Cavs tickets this year.

Andy and Delly are heading home

Two of the three Cavaliers competing in the FIBA World Cup have been eliminated. How did they do? interviews Fred McLeod

Ever wondered about the background of your favorite play-by-play man? Wonder no more.

Cavs rank 2nd in ESPN's future power rankings

Well this is kind of nice.

My best experience attending a Cavs game

It was LeBron's rookie season, and he played the game of his life up to that point.

My best experience attending a Cavs game

The Cavs were at their peak, and it was a night I'll always remember.

On Luol Deng and the Unfairness of Controversy

From turbulence with the Bulls medical staff, to chemistry problems in Cleveland, to the current Hawks fiasco, Luol Deng has dealt with controversy and debate constantly. Sadly, that may overshadow the career of a great player and human being.

Former Cavs GM Danny Ferry at center of Scandal

Racial remarks attributed to Ferry threaten to rock the franchise.

Projected Cap Increase is Good News for Cavs

The NBA's next TV deal could cause the salary cap to rise by about $16 million, according to reports. This is going to be largely good news for the Cavs.

Kyrie Irving good to go vs. Mexico

Rest easy, Cavs fans. If you dare.

Delonte West left off Cavs team of the 00's

Planes, trains, automobiles ... better have Delonte on your Cavs team of the 00's.

Featured Fanshot

LeBron James and Tristan Thompson work out in Cleveland

Tristan Thompson has had a pretty quiet summer. LeBron James? Not so much. Both of them appear to be in shape and have been working out this week in Cleveland. The season is just around the corner!

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Should Dion Waiters start?

Dion's offensive game might make him a tough fit in the starting lineup.

Just how bad was the Cavs locker room last year?

In his latest chat wrap, Sam Amico provided some insight towards the end of the Chris Grant era.

Kyrie Irving hurt in Team USA blowout

Well this isn't fun.


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