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Gary Payton to Anthony Bennett: "You came in overweight, you looked fat"

Gary Payton has some tough love for the Cavaliers' rookie.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Bennett is having a nightmarish rookie season. It's probably the worst rookie season for any #1 overall pick in NBA history. Of course there are reasons for that. Bennett is coming off a shoulder injury. He doesn't really have a consistent spot in the rotation and can't just work through the growing pains on the court. But on Fox Sports 1, Gary Payton set aside all of those excuses and served up some tough love for the Cleveland Cavaliers' rookie.

All of his points are valid and I really hope that Bennett has somebody in his life giving him this advice. I know that it's been tough. I know that Bennett is a young kid. I know I wouldn't have been prepared for life in the NBA when I was 20 years old (like 3 months ago, but still). But the point is that it's not too late for Bennett to be successful. We're half a season into his career. He can still have a successful NBA career and help the Cavs win basketball games. But he needs to put in the work, get in the gym, and be 100% dedicated to making it happen.

This is a Hall of Fame NBA player telling you that you need to just work. I know it sounds simple, but it's the only place to start.