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Kyrie Irving wants to defend his three-point contest title

Kyrie Irving won the 3-point shootout last year. Can he do it again?

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Kyrie Irving was voted by the fans to be a starter for the Eastern Conference All Stars. But on Friday, he said that he would be interested in defending his three-point shootout title in New Orleans as well.

At the 2013 NBA All Star Weekend, Kyrie participated in the three-point shootout and came away with a relatively surprising victory. He wasn't necessarily the best three-point shooter there, but he performed the best on that night. Reporters asked Irving if he would like to do it again, if the NBA asked him.

Irving also said that his goal was to match Larry Bird's record of three consecutive three-point contest victories.

"My goal is to accomplish what Larry Bird did, which was three years in a row. He was the main reason I wore my warm-up last year. I'm hoping "the Legend" was blessing me and looking on. If they ask me to come back, I'm definitely coming back."

Irving got off to a rocky start shooting the ball this season, but has turned it on lately. He's only shooting 37% from distance this season, however he's been making threes at a 42.1% clip since the start of December. The NBA almost always asks the defending champ to participate in these contests, so expect to see Kyrie Irving trying to defend his three-point shootout title in February.