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NBA news: Cavaliers General Manager Chris Grant addresses media amid team struggles

Chris Grant spoke to the media Wednesday afternoon in the midst of the Cavaliers' recent poor play.


It isn't often that NBA executives talk to the media. They don't have to, and in terms of what it means for the team, less information from the general manager is probably good. You don't want other teams knowing how much Chris Grant values Tristan Thompson, for instance.

But after the Cavaliers disappointing five game home stand in which they salvaged only one win, Grant finally addressed the Cleveland media.

Addressing the recent poor play:

Grant defended Mike Brown:

And stood up for Kyrie Irving as well:

Are the Cavs still looking to upgrade their roster?

My feeling on this is that at least Grant opened himself up to questions. He assembled the team (unless you believe that Byron Scott and Mike Brown do the team's drafting, which may or may not be the case) and their struggles are in large part on him. I have wondered if Brown and Grant are on different timelines: does Grant want to win now, to save his job, while Brown operates with more patience, implementing his defensive system at the cost of an offense that seems disjointed and without purpose? I don't know if we are ever going to get answers to questions like that. At this point, Grant and Brown are in this together and the answers here reflect that.

So what do you guys think? I have seen people suggest that Grant might be delusional on twitter. I have serious doubts about whether the players fit together in any system.