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Cleveland Cavaliers trade for Luol Deng in exchange for Andrew Bynum, draft picks

The Cleveland Cavaliers have reportedly traded for Luol Deng.


The Cleveland Cavaliers have finally traded Andrew Bynum after several days of negotiating with various teams. Most of the talk surrounding Bynum was focused on a potential deal that would send Bynum to the Los Angeles Lakers and Pau Gasol to the Cavs. Instead, the Cavaliers traded Bynum to the Chicago Bulls in exchange for Luol Deng, ESPN's Brian Windhorst reported early on Tuesday morning.

The Cavaliers are reportedly sending Andrew Bynum's partially guaranteed contract to the Chicago Bulls, along with some sort of draft picks.

Jason Lloyd is reporting that the Cavs will send two 2nd round picks and the protected first round pick from the Sacramento Kings to Chicago.


Here's what the Cavaliers gave up, according to the official press release from the team.

In exchange for Deng, the Cavs send Chicago Bynum, Cleveland's right to the Sacramento King's first round draft pick conveyed in a June 30, 2011 deal, the right for Chicago to swap its own 2015 first round draft pick with the Cavs own 2015 first round draft pick (only in the case that the Cleveland 2015 first round draft pick is between 15 and 30) and the Portland Trail Blazer's 2015 and 2016 second round draft picks acquired from the Trail Blazers via 2013 draft night trade.

Deng is an enormous upgrade for the Cavaliers at the small forward position and is somebody that will really help on both sides of the ball. He is an expiring contract, so the Cavs will only have him for the rest of this year unless he re-signs during the offseason.

This is really a big deal and we'll have plenty more news and analysis at Fear the Sword in the coming days.