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Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love hang out in Brazil, rap poorly

Team building already underway in Brazil

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Did you know the Cavs are in Brazil?

Did you know that Brazil is pretty well known for its crazy nightlife?

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love sure do.

Courtesy of Deadspin, we have these great videos:

Kyrie Rap 1

Kyrie Rap 2

The video of Kevin Love (AND MUCH CLUB MUSIC AND DANCING!) is here.

First off: KEVIN LOVE STOP RAPPING. STOP IT KEVIN. PLEASE. You're probably better than Macklemore, but is that a compliment? I have spent almost a decade studying the art trill drunk shenanigans, and these raps are AWFUL. I once howled at the moon for 21 minutes outside of a bar in Long Beach hoping to attract females that felt a strong connection to the moon. KEVIN I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT MEANT AND IT'S BETTER THAN YOUR RAPPING. Derek Jeter? Nobody raps about Derek Jeter. Derek Jeter doesn't even find Derek Jeter exciting. A bloop single to right field? You can't spit bars about that.

Kyrie, who is Breezy? Chris Brown? IS CHRIS BROWN BREEZY, KYRIE? Why wouldn't you say something like "I'm takin' shots like DELONTE WEST, UNG, AND EVEN THOUGH I DON'T KNOW HIM, I WOULD GREATLY ENJOY IT IF HE WERE TO BE BACK IN THE NBA. WHAAT".

That could even inspire a response from Delonte. DO YOU NOT WANT DELONTE TO RAP, KYRIE? HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN THAT IT IS AMAZING?

Betta Have Mah Do-Nutz, Irving.

Honestly, though, I think this is great. They went out and had fun, and didn't get in any trouble! They're getting along! They're having fun before what will probably be a pretty tough season under the microscope. Also, THEY'RE HAVING FUN!

Fun is good. Rappers from Duke and UCLA are not. Dion Waiters and Meek Mill would be so disappointed.