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Cleveland Cavaliers 122, Miami Heat 119: Courtside Tweets

The Heat lost by Dwyane Wade's number, so let's blame him.

Buda Mendes

LeBron James and his former former team played his former team tonight! Intrigue! Mystery! Suspense! STEVE HOLT!

The Cavs won! In OT! It wasn't that close though, LeBron, Kevin Love, Dion Waiters, and Tristan Thompson had sat for the night long before Miami's backups made a run on the Cavs bench bunch.

Yes, Sabotage was afoot early.

Couple things at play here, one of them is LeBron James, the other is Matthew Dellavedova. Unfortunately they played into each other. Mostly because LeBron forgot that he doesn't play for the Heat or something. DID LEBRON SIGN WITH THE CAVS TO FURTHER TROLL US BY GOING FULL BYNUM?!

We got highlights

The break. The no look. The Dunk. Oi.

Kevin Love in the right corner. Kevin Love in the right corner. Kevin Love in the right corner. Kevin Love in the right Corner.

Everything is great in Rio. Unless you're Rio.

LeBron James; General Manager

Hopefully he circled November 21st with a pencil

Professional Thoughts

As a follow up, I thought about how much that still made a ridiculous amount of sense:


Sorry I just... it's been a long few years.

I mean, probably

The internet can be mean. Chris Bosh Division

Tl;DR Version: Things are great!

For most of us, anyway.