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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Indiana Pacers game thread: Cavs head to Cincinnati

The Cavaliers take their show on the road to Cincinnati

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Cincinnati is ... not my favorite place in the world. I'm a Browns fan, so I really don't like the Bengals. I'm a Cardinals fan, so I really don't like the Reds. Two girls that hailed from Cincinnati have broken my heart. Bandwagon Bengals fans ruined the Buffalo Wild Wings in Columbus that I would head to for Browns games during the first Who Dey year. Before that year, us Browns fans mostly had the run of the place.

But as far as the NBA in Ohio goes, the Cavaliers are the only game in town. And so they will play in Cincinnati tonight, and Columbus next week. It's cool because fans in those cities get to see real, live NBA action. Once more though, I call on Dan Gilbert to do the right thing: bring the Cavaliers to Toledo. Cut into the Pistons market. Do it. You live in Detroit anyway. I'm not saying it has to be on a full-time basis. No, Cleveland can keep the Cavaliers.

But bring us a preseason game, Dan. Bring the Cavs home to Toledo.