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Dallas Mavericks 108, Cleveland Cavaliers 102: Courtside Tweets

I thought we were Mavaliers for life, bros.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

We're storming the court like

Don't ride motorcycles if your name is Tubby. This has to be some kind of rule, bro.

You're probably waiting for some ridiculous motorcycle story, but I don't have one. Yes, this is disappointing to me, too.

We got Highlights

This didn't count because Monta Ellis is a turd and tried to take a charge on a 3 on 1 fast break. Valid play, but still an eye roller.

Close the Borders

Cleveland has imported a lot of insidious things from Canada lately. Tristan Thompson, Dwight Powell, and Anthony Bennett included. There is a larger, scarier threat out there though. A superfan who's mere presence is as damaging as anything this universe has to offer. Yes, I obviously mean Drake.

Keep Drake out. Every citizen is responsible for taking up arms against this horrible threat. If you see Drake within 40 miles of the Cleveland Cavaliers, do whatever you have to do.

Speaking of Anthony Bennett.... oof...

Byron Scott, we hardly knew thee

Ah yes, former Cavaliers coach Byron Scott. He coaches the Lakers now, of course. They're 1-19 or something from three in their last three games. Byron thinks they're stupid or something. The Cavs took 37, LAST NIGHT. It's kind of crazy. The Lakers don't defend either. It's weird.

I do not miss you, Byron.

Nothing is going Kobe Bryant's way

Yes. Shockingly, a lot of people found this disrespectful. Also shockingly, it is kind of funny to read.

The "and his fans" part of this one really got me laughing. There are literally millions of these. Just search "Kobe disrespect" and laugh away.

Professional Thoughts

I'm Ryan, by the way

I always favorite the tweets I'm gonna use, so one day someone is gonna break up into the comments and be like NO YOU CREEP. My loss is your gain, internet.


You've all done well today. Give yourself a pat on the back and bring it in.

Nobody likes Paul Pierce anyway.

The Cavs play again tomorrow against the Chicago Bulls. We will be here with #Analysis. If that isn't enough for you, just head to Tinder.

Be well y'all.