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Game thread: Derrick Rose and Chicago Bulls take on Cavaliers in Columbus

The Cavaliers continue their Ohio tour.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Kyrie Irving. Derrick Rose. LeBron James. Kevin Love. Joakim Noah.

If you like stars, well, this one is for you. These teams are likely to be at or near the top of the Eastern Conference all year. Both will approach games with entirely different mindsets and style of play. Much depends on the knees of Derrick Rose. I have no idea what to expect of him. The Bulls should have a pretty darn good frontcourt. I'm not sure they will find enough shooting.

This game is in Columbus, and is at the site of a lot of fun Ohio State basketball games I was lucky enough to attend seven and eight years ago. That a) makes me feel incredibly old and b) makes me excited to get back. I wish Mike Conley was playing point guard, still, but I'll make due with Irving. LeBron is a famous Ohio State fan, and even has a locker at the Arena. Last season the Cavaliers used a different locker room than the Buckeyes normally do. I wonder if things will change this year.