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Talking Cleveland Cavaliers on the Phil Naessens show

Talking Cleveland Cavaliers with Phil Naessens.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Do you love checking out the latest in Cavs talk without actually needing to read it? Then boy do I have something for you!

I went on the Phil Naessens show to discuss some Cleveland Cavaliers stories heading into the season. Some of the topics included a possible extension for Tristan Thompson, seeing LeBron James play against the Miami HEAT for the first time since his departure, and observations on David Blatt's offense. Plus anything else that popped into our heads during recording.

I'd like to thank Phil again for having me on the show to talk about the Cavs. If he didn't, then I'd probably just wind up talking to myself again and that's not fun for anybody.

Here's the audio for the show (starting at minute 39):

Do you agree/ disagree with anything said on the show? Have anything to add to the discussion? Be sure to make your opinion known in the comments below!