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Cleveland Cavaliers 107, Chicago Bulls 98: Courtside Tweets

Shot the Bulls down in the Schott

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, the Cavs three best players finally played together last night.

The end result was a victory over the Bulls, or as Bulls fans call it: "If Derrick Rose would've played more minutes ..."

Kidding of course, it's preseason. I won't lie when I say seeing the Cavs score on the Bulls with all the resistance of a wet napkin felt kind of nice. The Cavs used what was pretty close to their regular season rotation, with Joe Harris, AJ Price, Shane Edwards, and Brendan Haywood finding themselves glued to the pine. We don't look a Win Horse in the mouth around these parts though, so I still spent 8 minutes feverishly trying to open a celebratory beer before deciding the cap was hurting my hands (I got these really smooth, soft hands, see) and relenting to locate a bottle opener. Twist off cap my foot, Miller Brewing Company.

We got highlights

This was pretty dope. Rose looked good last night, which was fun. Clearly the Cavs still have some ironing out to do as far as their pick and roll coverage goes (looking at you, Kevin).

Cancel Buck-I-Guy

Look I'm sure in his real life with his real name Buck-I-Guy is a nice fellow. A wonderful man that does many kind things. I really don't know anything about him. I do know, though, that superfans are THE ABSOLUTE WORST. WORST. STOP IT. Really anyone who wears an elaborate costume to a sporting event. You confuse me and I find it upsetting.

I should probably know more about Buck-I-Guy though, because I am curious to see if he went to OSU. He might have, I'm not saying he didn't, I'm just curious. My buddy Patrick put me on to a hilarious stunt he pulls: Any time he sees someone covered in the gear of a big time college he asks them when they graduated. Lots of blank stares and "well... actually", it's great. Maybe it's mean. Oh well mean can be fun.


Did you know that ESPN ran a big ol piece detailing how Kobe potentially destroyed the franchise or something? I read it, it was interesting, but I dunno. It's a sourced story, so you take what you want from it. Alas, this is the internet, and Kobe will melt it before he retires.

Let us all appreciate the defiance of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Is LeBron still gonna be Executive of the Year?

Seems legit.

Professional Thoughts

The support group meets at 8

Let the hate flow through you, y'all.


That is all I got on account of Kobe breaking the internet. When we lift the biohazard dome off of this ESPN piece reaction, maybe some other cool stuff will happen.

Thank you, thank you. (yes I had to use it twice)

Remember, the more things change, the more they stay the same sometimes.